ISO/TR 10593:1997 — Micrographics — Use of microfilm jackets

This Technical Report has been prepared to provide guidelines and information for theformatting and loading of microfilm jackets specified in ISO 8127-1 and ISO 8127-2. This Technical Report is a series of recommendations for jacketing microfilm which, if followed byproducers and end-users of microfilm jackets, should result in greater consistency and effectiveness in the micrographics industry.

While the conditions and characteristics of the jacketing process allow for a wide degree of latitude in image placement within a jacket, they also present problems in the creation of a rigid standard for loading microfilm jackets. However, there are certain procedures which can be followed in the production of a jacket that should enhance quality. This Technical Report has been prepared to assist end-users and producers of jackets in those aspects of jacket formatting and loading that do remain relatively constant.