ISO 14739-1:2014 — Document management – 3D use of Product Representation Compact (PRC) format – Part 1: PRC 10001

ISO 14739-1:2014 describes PRC 10001 of a product representation compact (PRC) file format for three dimensional (3D) content data. This format is designed to be included in PDF (ISO 32000) and other similar document formats for the purpose of 3D visualization and exchange. It can be used for creating, viewing, and distributing 3D data in document exchange workflows. It is optimized to store, load, and display various kinds of 3D data, especially that coming from computer aided design (CAD) systems.

This International Standard does not apply to:

  • Method of electronic distribution
  • Converting CAD system generated datasets to the PRC format
  • Specific technical design, user interface, implementation, or operational details of rendering
  • Required computer hardware and/or operating systems

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