ISO 6148:2001 — Photography — Micrographic films, spools and cores — Dimensions

This International Standard provides specifications for

  • dimensions (thickness, width, length) of raw stock roll and sheet films for micrographic applications, including silver-gelatin, diazo, and vesicular films, designed for document recording, computer output microfilming (COM), and duplicating or printing. These products require wet chemical, vapour, or heat processing after an image-forming exposure with actinic radiation;
  • winding requirements for roll films;
  • location and width of the heading area for 105 mm wide rolls and sheets, and the width and thickness of the backing of that area;
  • dimensions of spools, made either of metal or plastic, for 16 mm, 35 mm, and 105 mm microfilms; other spool materials are excluded, as well as spools that are integral components of cartridges, cassettes or magazines of microfilm-recording equipment;
  • dimensions of plastic and metal cores of 16 mm, 35 mm, and 105 mm widths.

Dimensions for thin-walled paper-board cores with wall thickness of 7,6 mm or less, used routinely for sensitized duplicating material, are not included in this International Standard.

This International Standard is not applicable to processed-film dimensions in micrographic applications.