ISO 14289-2:2024, Document management applications – Electronic document file format enhancement for accessibility – Part 2: Use of ISO 32000-2 (PDF/UA-2)

ISO 14289-2:2024 specifies the use of ISO 32000‑2:2020 to produce accessible electronic documents. Its provisions are identical to those of Well-Tagged PDF (WTPDF)'s conformance level for accessibility.

This part of ISO 14289 is not applicable to:

  • processes for converting paper or electronic documents to the PDF/UA format;
  • technical design, user interface, implementation, or operational details of presentation;
  • physical methods of storing these documents such as media and storage conditions;
  • required computer hardware and/or operating systems;
  • requirements specific to content (beyond facilitating programmatic access and textual representation);
  • requirements applying to specific classes (e.g. invoices, reports, etc.) of documents