Sponsoring ’30 years of PDF’

The PDF Association is currently producing a professionally-developed documentary to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the official launch of PDF 1.0: June 15, 2023.

"30 years of PDF" will recount the story of PDF up to the present day, including many of the people, personalities, organizations and events that influenced the evolution of the format and build the world in which we find ourselves today. Reciting the history of PDF must balance the good with the bad and the ugly.

The movie will be distributed and promoted:

  • Via pdfa.org
  • In a press-release
  • In an in-person push to technology journalists
  • Via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • A limited paid-promotional campaign on LinkedIn

The movie will be produced by David Kuznicki, an award-winning documentary film maker. David Brock, an historian and curator at the Computer History Museum, has agreed to participate in its development.

Depending on community support the initial 30 minute documentary will be expanded with additional interviews for a subsequent release later in 2023.

This movie is NOT yet announced and is NOT public information. Please do not discuss the production in public until its release.

The sponsorship opportunity

  • Sponsors' logos will be included on-screen. Separately, sponsors will also be listed in the movie credits.
  • Sponsorship of this documentary is offered exclusively to PDF Association members who have paid their 2023 membership in full.
  • PDF Association Partner members will be recognized separately from Full members.
  • The opportunity closes May 26, 2023. A logo (SVG format, please) is due no-later than 1700 CET on June 2.

NOTE: The PDF Association is conducting on-camera interviews with industry figures based on the history and story of PDF. Sponsorship of the movie does not imply any appearance in the movie besides the logo.